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Want to Be a Shooting Star and Really Impress Admissions Officers?

Get a personalized, 1:1 admissions coaching session with Courtney to complement the Anxious to ACCEPTED program! We can answer any questions you have, develop your application strategy, brainstorm your essays, or edit your drafts! 

Anxious to ACCEPTED

Use the ACCEPTED MethodTM to Write Your Acceptance-Worthy Essay and Submit an Outta-This-World College Application!

You'll feel proud, confident, and relieved with this clear strategy to share your unique story and complete your essay on time!

You'll Get Instant Access to:

  • 5 Video Training Modules: Broken Down into 5-Minute Mini Lessons!
  • 10+ Writing Exercises: There's No Way for You to Stay Stuck!
  • 3 Application Bonuses: Get Your College Application Checklist, Timeline, and More!

What People Are Saying:

Working with Courtney helped me grow immensely not only as a student, but as a person. We began preparing for standardized tests during my sophomore year. The insights she provided during our sessions helped me strategically navigate questions and feel confident in my ability to do so. Walking into any testing site, I knew I could tackle any challenge a test could throw at me, because I was prepared accordingly. As I began the college application process, I knew that continuing to work with Courtney would help me reach my goals. Applying to BS/MD programs was complicated, but Courtney helped guide me through the maze of essays, deadlines, and interviews. I am incredibly grateful to Courtney for the encouragement and guidance that helped me achieve my dreams.

Preeta - Northwestern University HPME

College apps are a stressful part of every student’s senior year; around the time school starts, it’s all anybody can talk about. It was initially difficult to find confidence in my own writing, since all I heard about were my peers’ brilliant ideas. However, once I began working with Courtney, I realized I was a lot more interesting than I had thought myself to be, and suddenly I had a million more writing ideas. It was so uplifting; she always helped me to find something unique to write on! I will be attending University of Michigan in the fall, and I attribute my acceptance into UMich to Courtney’s help!

Katelyn - University of Michigan LSA