Hey, I'm Courtney

Horizon Tutoring is the story of how a burnt-out student started a business around a passion for helping young adults develop the mindset and habits they need to succeed in today's world. 

My mission is simple: I help students eliminate stress, anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm, so they can find motivation, achieve academic success, and create a compelling vision for their future

From Content.. to Coaching

For the past ten years, I've been teaching students everything I know about academics: study skills, time management tips, testing techniques, even curriculum content.

Over the past few years, I've noticed a giant gap in the education field: the mindset and habits needed to be a successful student. 

So I decided to do something about it. 

I created my signature program Think Your Way to Success to help students develop the mindset, habits, strategy, and techniques to achieve academic success - and reach their highest potential in every area of their lives. 

In all my years of tutoring, I've learned one thing for sure. The content is never a student's primary problem - it's secondary. If students have the right mindset, strategies, and habits set in place, learning the content becomes easy. But when students aren't set up to succeed with the right perspective and skillset, the content will always present an issue until those primary concerns are resolved. 

My coaching differs from other academic platforms and educators by providing students with the skills they need to be successful in all areas - not just another quick fix.

What People Are Saying:

"Courtney is a stellar professional and a motivating career coach. I hired her to help me navigate the essay writing process for MBA admissions. She helped me find my voice and get into the MBA program at at the top of my list. It was hard to juggle applications with my full-time job, but Courtney provided structure and manageable tasks to help me get through the process without it feeling overwhelming. The mark of a great career coach is one that not only helps her clients craft their stories and package their accomplishments, but also one who can connect with her clients on a deeper, human level in order to understand their true aspirations and help them achieve beyond admissions. Courtney is this person and I can’t recommend her enough. "

Duke University, Fuqua School of Business

"My daughter was getting good grades, but struggling to get a decent score on the ACT. Courtney made my daughter and me feel comfortable from the very start. It is apparent that coaching students is her passion. She taught our daughter techniques about test taking that made all the difference, which resulted in a 5 point increase in her ACT score!!! We highly recommend Courtney for helping students with confidence and test taking skills"


"SATs and ACTs are something we all stress about. Courtney has relieved so much of the stress and shown me that I can accomplish my goals without pushing myself too far to do it. She has taught me so much about taking tests and how to approach any stressful situation the right way."

Western Michigan University, Musical Theatre

"Horizon Tutoring has been such a blessing for my educational growth junior year. I saw the wonders Courtney did for my brother, and how she knew how to get him to his dream school. Her individual help has helped improve my knowledge and overall strategy immensely."

Michigan State university

"My siblings and I have all benefited greatly from Courtney. Before working with her, I struggled with testing anxiety and study skills. I suffered from a weakened immune system for many years and Courtney helped me transition from traditional school to online schooling and maintain my coursework. When junior year came, I, like many, became overwhelmed with the standardized testing process. Courtney prepared me for tests and taught me how to manage my testing anxiety. I was always worried I would not be prepared for college, but thanks to Courtney I no longer have that fear. I am forever grateful to have her as my mentor."

Michigan State University

"I first heard of Courtney through one of my friends. I was looking for help in preparing for the SAT, but it turned into so much more than that. Not only did I genuinely enjoy every session with Courtney, but she taught me study skills and habits I can use forever, not just on standardized testing. Courtney worked with me to form goals that were ambitious, but possible with hard work. She always put my best interest before anything else. Not only did my test scores improve, but my study habits in school improved as well. Courtney made such an impact in my life that I continued to use her services throughout the grueling college application process, which she made so much easier on me and my family. On top of all of that, she was always available via text to answer my questions. I'm so grateful I met Courtney, not only because she made such an impact in my life academically, but because I got a real friend out of it as well"

Grand Valley State University



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