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The ACCEPTED Method is the fastest way to write a college admissions essay that stands out - so your summer vacation can actually feel like vacation!

Anxious to Accepted shows you EXACTLY what to write - which eliminates stress, anxiety, and overwhelm - so you can apply with confidence. 

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If You're Sick of the Confusion, Overwhelm, and Pressure from the College Admissions Process...

It's Time for You to Start Thinking Like the

Selected Scholar

Will Your Essay BORE Admissions Officers Without You Even Realizing It?

Pay Attention If You Want to Write an Essay that Truly Stands Out!

Most students who want to get accepted to their dream school face one major obstacle that gets in their way. 


What is it?


Well, let me ask you a question:

If you're struggling to write your essay ...

 or if you don't even know where to start ...

Which of These Feel Like You? 

You're Stressed

You're Confused

You're Frustrated

You're Overwhelmed

You're Worried

 If any of these apply to you,

You're thinking like the Anxious Applicant!

and it's keeping you stuck.

Say goodbye to Being the

Anxious Applicant!

  • The Anxious Applicant stresses over her application because she's worried about impressing the admissions officers.
  • But this mindset sets you up to fail because there's no guaranteed checklist to being the perfect, "impressive candidate."
  • This focus puts you on a path to stress, frustration, and uncertainty from the start.
  • The Anxious Applicant constantly feels she's "not good enough" because of her impossible standards and the pressure she feels.
  • It's this feeling that has you writing and re-writing their essay all summer long.
  • It's what makes you give up and submit an essay you know isn't your best work.
  • It's what causes regret later when you see which schools accepted you - and which ones didn't.
If you're like most struggling students, chances are, you're only thinking like the Anxious Applicant because it's what the school system has taught you to do - everyone freaks out about college apps.
As the Anxious Applicant, your success is dependent on impressing the admissions officers.
Writing a truly authentic essay seems way too risky. You're afraid of taking bold action.
The Anxious Applicant mindset creates a constant need for approval, which gets in the way of students writing brilliant admissions essays.
This mindset will keep you stressed out, rewriting your essay all summer until you finally submit something that isn't even you.
So, if your goal is to write an authentic, compelling admissions essay, you have to stop being the Anxious Applicant!

What Will Happen if You Don't Start Thinking Like the Selected Scholar?

The Selected Scholar is different than the Anxious Applicant...


The Anxious Applicant thinks being their true self is "risky." 

The Selected Scholar realizes it's their only advantage.

The Anxious Applicant needs to know everything before taking one step.

The Selected Scholar figures it out as they go.

The Anxious Applicant is terrified of judgment and rejection.

The Selected Scholar trusts they will end up at the right school.

The Anxious Applicant feels rushed and pressured.

The Selected Scholar remains calm, knowing they're closer to their goals.

The Anxious Applicant is looking for the quick fix or perfect solution.

The Selected Scholar takes actions to create their own solution.

Selected Scholars are Visionaries

They question what they've heard they "should" do.

They take risks and refuse to let their circumstances dictate what's possible for them.


When you ditch your inner Anxious Applicant, you'll get totally clear on how to turn your admissions essay into a huge success.

You'll be able to focus your creative talents on what truly reflects you and what you enjoy—not what you THINK admissions officers want to hear about, or what your peers are writing.

You'll write an essay better than you thought possible and feel confident that your final application reflects who you are 100%.

Once you start thinking like the selected scholar, you’ll start acting like one too.

Because that's what I'm here to do: to help you become the Selected Scholar, far quicker and more easily than you could on your own.

And I'll do that by teaching you the ACCEPTED Method!

The ACCEPTED Method destroys your uncertainty, stress, and overwhelm so you can become the Selected Scholar

The ACCEPTED Method is my 8-Step Formula to creating an authentic, acceptance-worthy essay that will demonstrate your best traits, highlight your growth and perspective, and make sure you stand out amongst other candidates

Now... I Know What You're Thinking


“I can probably write this essay on my own.”

And you’re totally right. You can answer the question in the prompt. 

But what if I told you that writing the essay really isn't just about answering the question? It’s so much more than that! 

The essay is your ONE chance to shape what the admissions officers think of you and your experience! 

Think about it. Your grades, extracurriculars, letters of recommendation? You can’t change those now. 

But the essay portion… that’s the one part of the application you can intentionally craft.

The essay isn’t just about answering the question - it's about letting admissions officers get to know you.

So... if you don’t have a strategy to showcase your best attributes, you’ll spend your whole summer guessing what admissions officers want.

That's Where I Come In

Hey, I'm Courtney

For 10 years, I’ve sent students to their dream schools across the country. During this time, I’ve identified the key elements that make ALL the difference in an admissions essay. These elements transform a simple response into an adventure.  These elements can turn a borderline candidate into a “hell yes!” acceptance. 

When I was in high school, I never would have thought there were so many parts to an admissions essay. I didn’t realize it was so serious and competitive. 

One week, my English teacher announced we’d be writing practice personal statements for the college essay. 

In class, we worked on brainstorming the perfect topic, fixing the word count, and showing we were a good candidate. 

That Thursday, I walked out of the classroom with my essay done. I felt on top of the world. Every university was going to love my essay. 

I ran into a friend who was raving about her essay too! She said she wrote about her leadership experience at high school.  

That sounded oddly familiar… since it was the same topic I had picked! 

We decided to peer-review our essays and see if they could get any better. A few hours later, we sat at a coffee shop after school and dug into the essays.

After five minutes, we realized we had a GIGANTIC problem. Our essays sounded almost identical! How was that even possible?

While we'd used different examples to illustrate our point, we practically sounded like the same person! 

We sat there, defeated, recognizing we needed to start over. But how could we make it different? We decided we needed to worry less about answering the question, and more about how we communicated who we were as a person! 

I didn’t know it then, but that was the start of the ACCEPTED Method. Now, after a decade of helping students apply to their dream schools, I’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, and what’s absolutely necessary - and turned it into a foolproof template for you.

So now you know the admissions essay is about more than just answering the question, I want you to imagine you can...

Read Admissions Officers Minds!


What if you knew...

  • The topic to choose to keep their attention?

  • How to write your essay to make them want to get to know you better?

  • What to include in your essay to impress them?


Can You Picture It?

That’d be the easiest essay to write ever!

So here's the deal...  there are 8 core ingredients your essay ABSOLUTELY needs to blow admissions officers away.

And once you understand how to use these elements, writing your essay will feel easier than ever!

How Would You Feel If You Knew You Could Write an Acceptance- Worthy Essay?

The ACCEPTED Method is the proprietary formula I use with all of my students who work with me for 1:1 admissions coaching. 

The ACCEPTED Method includes the 8 key elements your essay MUST include to transform your essay from a simple response to an authentic, acceptance-worthy essay!

Now You're Thinking...


"WOAH that's a lot of information"

"How am I going to fit all of this into 500 words?”

That's what all my students say when they realize the task ahead of them.

But that’s where I can help. I want to show you the fastest way to use this formula to turn your essay from a “maybe” to a “hell yes!” so you don’t have to spend your whole summer writing.

Every year I work with students who start out, just like you, feeling confused and overwhelmed with this entire process.

And sure enough, every year, we work together to create an AMAZING admissions essay that sends them to their dream school!

This Could Be You!

These students all have one thing in common.

 They started out just like you. 

Unsure what to write about
Worried about word count


But then they did it! They wrote their acceptance-worthy essay!

Imagine This

Just like these students, you finish your essays before school starts. You’re amazed by how they sound just like you! 

You spend September submitting everything that makes your application special. You finish in time to submit your application for the early action deadline! 

You breathe a sigh of relief and smile because you know your application represents who you are 100%.

And now… life is easy!

You’re not arguing with your parents because everything is submitted!

You’re stress-free while your friends tell you how much work they still have to do. 

You’re relaxed, focused on your classes. 

All that’s left for you to do is enjoy your senior year.

Isn’t that how you want to start your senior year?

If you're thinking, “that sounds great, but HOW do I do this?”


That’s why I created my signature program, Anxious to ACCEPTED: to show you exactly how to write that authentic, acceptance-worthy essay that will impress admissions officers!

 This course will put you on the fast-track to writing that unique, acceptance-worthy essay I know you want.

Anxious to ACCEPTED is basically the express version of  my 1:1 university admissions coaching! 

This course is hands-down the fastest way to write a college admissions essay that’s going to impress admissions officers and still make sure you sound like yourself!

I’m Ready! Enroll Me in Anxious to ACCEPTED Now!

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside the Course:

Module 1

Character Showcasing

  • Learn how to stand out from other candidates
  • Brainstorm and select your best attributes
  • Develop your personalized positioning strategy

Module 2

Topic Selection

  • Understand the biggest mistakes students make
  • Choose the best prompt for you
  • Choose the best story or event to showcase your life experience

Module 3

Applying the ACCEPTED Method

  • Examples of applying the ACCEPTED Method
  • Dive step-by-step into the ACCEPTED method and learn how to apply each element to your story
  • Real transformations of student essays: see the before and after!
  • Learn to customize the order in which you include the elements

Module 4

Finding Your Voice

  • Understand how to include the key elements but still sound authentic
  • How to add extra personality to your essay without it sounding uncomfortable
  • How to use different essays to share different facets of you

Module 5

Structure and Word Count

  • Learn basic formatting guidelines
  • Discover my top 10 tricks for eliminating words!
  • Unlearn the 5 paragraph format

Plus... My Extraordinary Extracurriculars Formula!

One of the Hardest Parts of the Application is Making Sure Your Activities Sound Outstanding.

My formula will guide you step-by-step to make sure your extracurriculars sound extraordinary by helping you strike a balance between accomplished and humble.

I’m Ready! Enroll Me in Anxious to ACCEPTED Now!

Don't Listen to Me, Take It From Them:


College apps are a stressful part of every student’s senior year; around the time school starts, it’s all anybody can talk about.

It was initially difficult to find confidence in my own writing, since all I heard about were my peers’ brilliant ideas.

However, once I began working with Courtney, I realized I was a lot more interesting than I had thought myself to be, and suddenly I had a million more writing ideas. It was so uplifting; she always helped me to find something unique to write on!

I will be attending University of Michigan in the fall, and I attribute my acceptance into UMich to Courtney’s help!


I am extremely excited to share that I have been admitted into the University of Michigan, as I found out this afternoon.

As you know, I applied to seven schools: MSU, OSU, U Kentucky, ND, Northwestern, UM, and U Wisconsin. I have been accepted into all but two of these schools.

Additionally, I have been accepted into the Honors College program at both MSU and UKentucky, with an additional acceptance into the Entrepreneurship and Innovation focused Scholars Program at OSU, which would set me up for an easy transition into the Honors College if I would like later on. 

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for all that you have assisted me with in this process. I could not have accomplished all that I have in this process without your help.


Working with Courtney helped me grow immensely not only as a student, but as a person.

We began preparing for standardized tests during my sophomore year. The insights she provided during our sessions helped me strategically navigate questions and feel confident in my ability to do so. Walking into any testing site, I knew I could tackle any challenge a test could throw at me, because I was prepared accordingly.

As I began the college application process, I knew that continuing to work with Courtney would help me reach my goals. Applying to BS/MD programs was complicated, but Courtney helped guide me through the maze of essays, deadlines, and interviews.

I am incredibly grateful to Courtney for the encouragement and guidance that helped me achieve my dreams.

Make a one-time investment of $297 for this online mini-course that will transform your personal experience into an authentic, acceptance-worthy essay before summer’s over!

That’s an ENTIRE course for less than one hour of my 1:1 admissions coaching!

I’m Ready! Enroll Me in Anxious to ACCEPTED Now!

Bonuses That Make Your Life Easier

College Application Checklist

Be sure that you're submitting everything you need to send to each school

College Application Timeline

Use this outline to keep on target for admissions deadlines

Let Me Answer Your Questions

Now, Having Said All That... Anxious to ACCEPTED is NOT for Everyone.

My students will tell you that my method works. Sometimes it might seem counterintuitive or too specific, but it approaches the college essay like nothing else out there - and I have the success stories to prove it! 

But, Anxious to ACCEPTED is definitely not for everyone.

If you're looking for a magic fix or someone who will write your essay for you, this course isn't for you.

However, if you are a student who's serious about putting in the work to write that authentic essay - if you're willing to dig deep to determine your strengths and the stories that showcase them, then this course is for you.

 If that sounds like you, and you're willing to put in the work to write the essay of your dreams, I promise that enrolling in Anxious to ACCEPTED will put you on the path to success! 

In fact, I guarantee it!

I'll give you 90 days to try Anxious to ACCEPTED and prove to yourself it delivers the results I'm promising. If it doesn't, then all you'll need to do is request a refund.

BUT, there's a catch. You have to prove you did the work, that you put in the time watching the modules, taking notes, and completing the exercises.  

Why, you ask? 

Because nothing works unless you actually apply it. Some people equate acquiring with accomplishing. They'll buy a program, and think they're working on their goals even if they never log into their account.

Nothing Will Work For You If You Do Nothing.

So, if you're not planning to do the work in the program, then save your money.

But, If you're the type of student who's committed to taking action, then this guarantee is a generous one.

I'm promising you the fastest, easiest path to the acceptance-worthy essay you're dreaming of, by transforming you from the confused, overwhelmed Frantic Applicant into the confident Selected Scholar you want to be.

But you have to put in the work too so we can both do our part.

So here's the deal.

You use the program for 90 days, and if you're not confident in your essay.... or if you don't have a clear strategy with which to approach your essay, simply let me know, show me the work you've done, and I'll refund your full investment.

Anxious to ACCEPTED


Total Value: $1823

  • Module 1: Character Showcasing (Value $322)
  • Module 1: Big 50 Exercise (Value $121)
  • Module 2: Topic Selection (Value $258)
  • Module 3: Using The ACCEPTED Method (Value $297)
  • Module 4: Finding Your Voice (Value $211)
  • Module 5: Structure & Format (Value $147)
  • Bonus: College Application Checklist (Value $121)
  • Bonus: College Application Timeline (Value $249)
  • Bonus: Sample Essays (Value $97)