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about me May 22, 2020


Why do I do what I do?

When I was in school, I was just like you. I was stuck, working harder and working longer just to get by, thinking there had to be a better way to do all of it. And I was right. There was a better way. But at the time, it felt completely out of reach. I didn't have time for it. I didn't have energy for it. In my eyes, the right way was the hard way - the long way. I couldn't afford to do things the right way, because I had too much on my plate. I had to get as much done in the fastest way possible just to keep my head above water. So I just kept paddling. 

It was exhausting. 

I was constantly searching for the next best way to be a better student. Something my friend tried or something I saw online, I tried it all and hoped it would be the magic fix that would solve all my problems. In my head, it made total sense! Once I got more organized, I'd finally have things under control. Once I took my notes in this special way, I'd rock my classes. Once I figured out how to get motivated, I'd finally be able to do everything!

So I kept at it. Trying new strategies and new techniques hoping to find my magic study formula so I could finally accomplish my goals and take control of my life.

Honestly, I usually found a way to get the grades I needed to and get things done when they were due. And most of the time, I could understand the content... except for Economics 402 (that's when I changed my major - but that's another story). 

The surface level part of school actually wasn't that bad. I could find a way to work it out. If you asked any of my friends or teachers, they would have told you "Courtney's got it under control."

But it was the deeper stuff, the things that no one talks about, that I really struggled with. 

The life skills: what school should teach you for success in life, but doesn't.

I understood the pythagorean theorem. But could I focus in class?

I knew the Spanish subjunctive tense. But could I find motivation to study?

I was confident in my writing skills. But could I manage my time?

I memorized the dates for my history test. But could I follow through on long-term goals?

The answer was no.

I was good at the "school" part of school, but the life part? Not so much.

And that's what set me behind later in life. Those basic life skills, the habits and mindset I needed for success, that I was supposed to develop in school... I never got those. I was too busy focusing on the next paper, test, or project to pay attention to my personal development. I didn't have the time!

After ten years of trying to be the "perfect student," I realized the perfect formula didn't exist. The formula I so desperately needed wasn't a formula at all - it was a totally different perspective. 

When I first realized this, I felt SO defeated. I had wasted ALL that time trying different strategies with no luck. I was burnt out, overwhelmed, and frustrated. And what I realized in that moment was that I had more work to do... on myself.

That was really hard to swallow. I had just spent years of my life doing everything I was "supposed" to do, hustling and grinding to be the best I could at everything. Where were my results? Where was the success I was promised? When would it finally get easier? Was it just going to be like this forever?

Now I can look back at this time in my life and realize I was working on the wrong things and asking myself the wrong questions. But it took a lot of work to be able to see that.

I don't want you to have to go through what I did. 



That is why I do what I do. 

You deserve a better way to do things. A better life.

I know what a difference coaching would have made for me at your age. It would have saved me all that wasted time and energy.

But it would have done more than that. It would have given me the confidence to go after my dreams. It would have given me the support and the validation that I craved. It would have given me the tools I needed to excel inside and outside of the classroom. 

Most importantly, it would have given me the chance to design the life of my dreams - and believe it was actually possible for me to have it.

My mission is simple: to empower students with tools that help them dream big, think independently, and navigate uncertainty so they can live an exceptional, purposeful life.


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