Your College Application is Like a Potato (Weird but True)

Your college application is like a potato. 

I know this is weird, but just go with me on this one.

About five years ago, a reddit user made the audacious claim that potatoes are, objectively, the best food... sending the internet into a tailspin. The user made some great points: potatoes are easily grown, affordable, and provide great nutritional value. 

 But most importantly, potatoes can be prepared in SO many ways. Like way more ways than most foods.

And this is why your college application is a potato. Let me explain:

1. There are INFINITELY many ways to cook a potato, and there are INFINITELY many ways to prepare your college application.

Potatoes can be made into delicious hashbrowns, chips, french fries, gnocchi, tater tots, baked potatoes... the list goes on and on 

And the way a potato is prepared tells you a lot about the preparer, the chef. It shows you what they like and what they're good at, how creative they are, what their perspective is, and why they do things the way they do.

 Your college application does the same thing. The way you write the essay and fill out the activity section shows your creativity and perspective. Your classes and test scores show them what you like and what you're good at. Your supplemental essays tell them even more about who you are and why you do the things you do. Every student should have an application that is unique to them.

2. There is no RIGHT way to cook a potato, and there is no RIGHT way to prepare your college application.

 When you google "perfect potato recipe," you get a lot of different options: the best baked potato recipe, the best crispy roasted potatoes ever recipe, air fryer crispy potatoes, even leek and potato soup.

You see, everyone has a different idea of what a "perfect" potato is. It's not something we can all agree on, like 2+2=4. But one thing we can agree on is that potatoes are delicious, no matter how you prepare them.

 SO many of you are out there looking for the "perfect potato recipe" to use on your college application, and unfortunately, it doesn't exist. There is no one right way to apply to college. If there was some sort of foolproof, guaranteed method, then that's what I'd be teaching you instead of writing about potatoes. But what I can teach you is how to craft the perfect recipe for yourself, to highlight all your best attributes. Maybe you're a loaded potato. Or maybe you're more of an au gratin. The only way to find out is by creating your own recipe, not copying everyone else's

3. Not everyone prefers the SAME type of potato, and not everyone wants the SAME college applicant.

 Personally, I love all types of potatoes and potato dishes. On the other hand, I have a friend who hates baked potatoes and loves french fries. Maybe you like your potatoes mashed instead of roasted. Maybe you haven't even heard of papa rellena or patatas bravas. 

My point is, everyone likes different kinds of potatoes. You might even have a favorite, or there might be one best type of potato that goes with the dish you're making. That doesn't mean other potatoes are bad or less than, it just means they might not be the best fit for the meal you're preparing 

College applications go the same way. Not every admissions officer is going to love your kind of potato. BUT THAT'S OKAY! Because for every admissions officer who doesn't love your pommes frites... there are a bunch of other admissions officers who love them!! The trick is serving the right recipe to the right audience: tailoring your application for each school's preferences. And not taking it personally when they don't see your creative vision 

If you wanna learn how to craft the perfect recipe for your college application, I'm teaching a workshop on college apps next week. Click here to learn more.


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