Student Strategy Session

Whatever your goals, break through any challenges with personalized guidance and a strategic plan for success in just 60 minutes!

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What Can We Do in a Strategy Session?

Together we can answer all your questions, tackle academic challenges, plan for your future, and make important decisions. The following are just examples.

Handle a Crisis

Whether you have to catch up on 12 missing assignments, a teacher issue, major test anxiety, or got deferred from your dream school, together we can fix it.

Last Minute Test Prep

You didn't mean to put off studying for the SAT until the week before... it just happened. Now you need to cram everything in before the test. I can help.

Plan and Organize Coursework

Feeling overwhelmed but hate asking for help?  Looking for someone to just tell you what to do so you can get things done? This is for you.

Tackle Admissions Questions

Get the answers to all your questions about early deadlines, test-optional policies, essays, scholarships and more.

Brainstorm Your Essays 

Together we'll brainstorm the perfect topic for your personal statement or supplemental essay - and use the ACCEPTED Method to outline your unique story.

Write Your Activities Section

Learn what activities to put on your application, how to format and rank your activities, and  write incredible descriptions. 

Your strategy session is 100% yours - YOU decide exactly what you want to tackle in this session.

Crush Your Goals

The college prep process (and just high school in general!) can feel daunting and overwhelming for most students. But it doesn't have to be like that! Sometimes we just need someone to tell us exactly what to do next. That's why I created these strategy sessions - to eliminate student stress and offer a clear action plan. In this session, you'll receive personalized guidance, feedback, and strategy. You'll walk away feeling confident and knowing exactly what to do next! 

Ready for Your Strategy Session? 

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